Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jonathan Bree announces US and European tour

Jonathan Bree's live show has been receiving rave reviews across the world - including a recent piece in Time Out (Australia), whose reviewer was "mesmerized" by Jonathan Bree's "surreal and filmic" show at the Sydney Festival.

Bree and his five-piece band have now announced a worldwide tour, starting with dates in the US (including SXSW) and Mexico:

 Before heading across Europe:

In the meantime, do check out his latest music video if you haven't seen it:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Eversons

We signed The Eversons years ago. Their music was quirky and satirical, which roughly suited our sensibilities as a label.
When their song “Harlot” came along though, we unfortunately didn’t give it any thought at all, it was “just a B-side”, and when we started to receive complaints we initially tried to stay out of the fray. We soon realised however that the song was not one that we wanted to be associated with and, after talking with the band, we pulled the song. A statement was issued, which we now recognise as being somewhat evasive.
Between 2012 and 2013 some allegations about Mark surfaced, generally regarding the same incident - invariably from third parties and always denied by him. As a small label run by friends and musicians we had neither the tools nor the experience to get involved. We referred those making the allegations to the appropriate authorities because we never saw ourselves as being an arbiter of justice.
In the light of things that we as a scene and society have learnt in the #MeToo era, we now see our hands off approach was inadequate, and on reflection is something we are not proud of.
We are against sexism and sexual misconduct in any form and from now on we will be vigilant in holding our artists to these same principles. We are no longer prepared to give anyone the benefit of the doubt or abdicate our responsibilities. Where allegations arise we will listen carefully and respond appropriately.
Applying that approach, we find that we are no longer able to comfortably continue to distribute The Eversons while these issues are unresolved. We have made the arrangements for their catalogue to be taken down. In hindsight we wish we had done that years ago but we didn’t and we accept the responsibility for that inaction. We apologise unreservedly to anyone we have hurt.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jonathan Bree - Fuck It

It’s 2019 and to celebrate Jonathan Bree has released a music video for his baroque wave banger ‘Fuck It’. 

The video features masked dancers dressed in the latest threads of 1919... 

Taken from his third album ‘Sleepwalking’. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New Jonathan Bree single 'Boombox Serenade'

Jonathan Bree (The Master of Misery) returns with an eerily creepy (but also deadpan funny) video for his new single "Boombox Serenade", which is taken from his forthcoming album Sleepwalking, due out on 8 June. 
A hybrid of a Jane Austin novel and the iconic boombox scene from Say Anything (starring John Cusack) - the video shows our masked hero galloping in on a trusty steed, wooing his love with a boombox under her window. An avante-garde structure for a pop song  the track itself stretches the boundaries musically by dropping half a tone every two bars for about 45 seconds and then repeating  itself three times, Jonathan Croons a surprisingly catchy melody over the top that ties it all together.

Jonathan has also announced a European tour in August. His only performance to date was at the Others Way Festival last year and was described as a highlight of the evening. For those who missed it the set was captured on film.

Jonathan Bree Live Dates (more TBA)
Tickets available HERE

2 August – Bristol, UK - Rough Trade
3 August – Leicester, UK - Soundhouse
4 August– London, UK – Visions Festival
6 August – Dresden, DE - Beatpool
7 August – Berlin, DE – Funkhaus
8 August – Hamburg, DE – Ms Stubnitz
9 August – Cologne, DE - Bumann Und Sohn
10 August – Schaffhausen, CH – Pool Rules
12 August – Venlo, NL - Zomerparkfest
13 August – Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso
14 August – Mainz, DE - Schon Schön
15 August – Luxembourg, LU - Connges Annules
16 August – Lucerne, CH – Parterre
17 August – Zürich, CH - Zukunft
18 August – Dornstadt, DE - Obstwiesen Festival
19 August – Jena, DE – Trafo
22 August – Paris, FR - Point Ephemere
23 August – Nantes, FR - Back To Garage
24 August – Bordeaux, FR - Iboat
30 August – Gdansk, Poland - Club B90 / Festival

Thursday, April 19, 2018

You're So Cool T Shirts!

The shirt we've all been waiting for 'Jonathan Bree - You're So Cool' shirts with awesome design by Steven Rhodes.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Scott Mannion releases new single 'Not Exactly Deep'

Following on from the popular "Your Kinda Love", Lil' Chief Records presents "Not Exactly Deep" - the second single from Scott Mannion of the Tokey Tones forthcoming solo album "Loving Echoes".

You can listen to Not Exactly Deep on Spotify , Apple Music, Google Play, Bandcamp and a lot of other places.

Written while Scott was living in Wales it was later recorded and produced by Scott and Ryan McPhun (of the Ruby Suns) over the course of 2 years between Auckland, Norway and Spain.

The video for Not Exactly Deep is shot on Super 8 and directed by Rosalía Hernández of The Urban Spaceman Productions. It was filmed in and around Chelva, a medieval Spanish mountain town where Scott now lives, and it features some mysterious characters decked out in costumes (made by Emily Zuch) chilling out near a 2,000 year old aqueduct.

Like 'Your Kinda Love', 'Not Exactly Deep' is a beautiful pop song, but it's strange fragmented production reminds me of a Beach Boys weird album track crossed with some of that BBC Radiophonic Workshop stuff, aka very cool.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jonathan Bree Unmasks New Music Video for Say You Love Me Too

Jonathan Bree has released a music video for new single Say You Love Me Too.

The video features the mysterious masked band tracking in the studio..........

'Say You Love Me Too' is the second single from Jonathan's third album 'Sleepwalking' due for release in March 2018. You can preorder a 7 inch featuring this song plus 'You're So Cool' exclusively from the Lil' Chief Webstore.