Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Eversons - Loser

The Eversons have decided to release a music video for the song Loser from their first EP. It’s full of archival footage from their days of shredding and skateboarding in their beautiful hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.

Loser is a ‘90s slacker rock song from The Eversons EP and its video was slated for release in 2011 until tragedy struck- the sole hard drive containing the footage was damaged beyond repair... until now. While packing for London, the boys found a back-up hard drive further down the back of the couch than any of them had ever been and on arrival set to work cutting a bigger, better version of the lost video.

The new video for Loser is released along with its b-side ‘Fingerpops’, a cover of a song by classic ‘90s Flying Nun band Garageland.

Their second album ‘Stuck in New Zealand’ will be released mid 2016.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jonathan Bree's Creepy Home Made Movie

Jonathan Bree has released an album length movie shot with a tube camera over at Lil' Chief Records HQ aka The Ghetto.

In an effort to try and get the kids interested Winston has lent his starpower to the film aswell.

It's not uncreepy.

A Little Night Music is available now on LP, CD or digitally.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Jonathan Bree's 'A Little Night Music' Released Today!

Jonathan Bree's second album 'A Little Night Music' is officially released today.

Featuring 'Weird Hardcore', 'Murder' and 'Once It Was Nice', Flood magazine accurately described it as sounding like 'Scott Walker in a Lynchian dream sequence'.

The new album has been influenced significantly by classical music, after inheriting some classical music on vinyl - a first time for Beatles-mad Bree who was always too busy listening to the White Album to bother with Tchaikovsky.

Thematically Bree has begun exploring interesting territory moving on from The Primrose Path and complaining about being 30 something.   On A Little Night Music, Bree addresses Drone strikes (Drones & Satellites), Feeling like a tool (Tear Your Face Off), NZ racism (Murder), and disliking narcissistic millennials (There is Sadness).

You can order 'A Little Night Music' on LP, CD or purchase it digitally on Bandcamp, Itunes, or its up on Soundcloud streaming.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Jonathan Bree releases new video for 'Murder' on eve of second album 'A Little Night Music'

Jonathan Bree's new music video for 'Murder' is out featuring a trio of confused peeps in a red room.

The track described by Bree as being about 'New Zealand Xenophobic Racism' is directed by Simon Ward and also features guest soprano Ella Smith who appears on quite a few tracks on upcoming album.

The track has been described by Flood Magazine as "sounding like Scott Walker in a Lynchian dream sequence."

Murder is taken from Bree's upcoming album ' A Little Night Music ' out October 23. You can pre-order the album on cd or vinyl here, or digitally here.  Preorder digitally now and you receive 'Once it Was Nice, Murder and Weird Hardcore' instantly.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Eversons are Headin' Overseas - Japanese EP & Farewell Show

The Eversons have a whole bunch of news to share with you.

They just got back from a tour of Japan, their first overseas tour. With their first album available on a kool indie label over there they discovered they actually have a pretty good following in Japan.  For some often outrageous tour pictures head over to their Facebook page.

As part of the tour the Eversons released a Japanese-language EP by their alter ego, a fictional cartoon band called 'The Emilys'. You can download the EP for free / pay what you like over at bandcamp or soundcloud

Check out some of the very cool animated video clips from the ep - all in Japanese.

Incidentally - I'm Just A Ghost is a cover of california bedroom / garage musician and artist Joe Astle known as Boa Constrictors - his albums are all available for free and are worth checking out if you like the sound of a Daniel Johnston Beach Boys Pixies hybrid. 

And finally, the Eversons have announced that they're moving to London. They head off in about a week, so go and farewell them at their last New Zealand show this Friday at Portland Public House - also playing will be Lil' Chief band Voom!

Friday, July 31, 2015

New single and album announcement from Jonathan Bree

Jonathan Bree has released a new single ‘Once It Was Nice’.  

‘Once It Was Nice’ is the second single from an upcoming second album ‘ A Little Night Music’ which will be released on October 23 2015.  The music video is comprised of one shot on a carousel on Brighton Beach.

Roughly two years since his first solo album 2013’s Primrose Path, ‘A Little Night Music’ sees Bree taking a more free-form approach to his usually more rigid and pop-minded style.  This is partly due to a new interest in classical music, more specifically Russian Ballet suites.  'A Little Night Music' features a string quartet, and guest vocals by Auckland soprano Ella Smith. 

The first single from this album ‘Weird Hardcore’ surfaced last year with a creepy video made by Simon Ward.

Jonathan Brees new album ‘A Little Night Music’ is now available for digital pre-order - if you pre-order now you will get Once it Was Nice and Weird Hardcore instantly.  The album is also available for physical pre-order from the Lil Chief webstore. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

New Princess Chelsea album out now in NZ!

Princess Chelsea has begun a tour of her homeland and yesterday she appeared on the front page of the national newspaper:

Read the full article!

You can hear a new track, "Too Many People" from the latest album on the Gorilla vs Bear website.

The album is out now in New Zealand - get it from iTunes, Amplifier, Google Play, Spotify, or Rdio. Or buy a digital copy from anywhere in the world on Bandcamp or preorder LPs/CDs from Lil' Chief Records and Flying Out!

New Zealand will be paying further homage to her musical highness at shows in Christchurch (tonight at the Darkroom), Wellington on Saturday (at Moon 1) and Auckland on Sunday (at the Kings Arms). Tickets for these shows can be purchased at Undertheradar.

After that, Princess Chelsea will head to the northern hemisphere for more shows - full tour dates are here and are still being updated.