Friday, August 25, 2017

New Jonathan Bree Single 'You're So Cool'

Jonathan Bree has released a new single today 'You're So Cool'.
You can listen on Spotify, Apple MusiciTunes or Bandcamp.

Jonathan will be playing his first live show at Others Way Festival on Sep 1, with a twelve piece orchestrette (two members admittedly just groove around dancing the entire time).

Fans of the fourth Brunettes lineup class of 2003 will be pleased to see him and James Milne playing live together again.

You're So Cool is from Jonathan's forthcoming third album scheduled to drop in February 2018.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Ruby Suns album - Sprite Fountain

The Ruby Suns' latest album, Sprite Fountain, is a culmination of over a decade of making music for songwriter, Ryan McPhun. From the first track 'Waterslide', we get an indication of what is to come - propulsive off-kilter rhythms, sweet melodic vocals and trickles of psychedelic guitar. Ryan is a magpie of music, equally adept at swiping a pop synth sound as he is at incorporating a Club Tropicana shuffle, all while his upbringing in California is ever-present in his multi-layered vocal harmonies.

For the past few years, Ryan has been a resident of Norway, where he's created a new line-up of The Ruby Suns to play shows in Europe. Though he also takes time out to tour as drummer for Lawrence Arabia...

His new surroundings are evident on the album, with first single 'Pram Gang' capturing his trepidation at walking the streets as a stay-at-home dad while fast-speaking clusters of local mums crowd past (as he sings, 'I don't speak the language, I don't even try...'). Norway is also a clear inspiration on the wonderfully laidback track 'Blåhvalene' (what a chorus!), while we get a hint of his homelife on 'Tilt of His Hat' (with the lyric, 'let your mother sleep darling). Though he hasn't forgotten New Zealand, as is apparent on the quirky 'K Rd Woody' (about on a rough night on Auckland's Karangahape Road).

The album was recorded at a new studio that Ryan has set-up on the outskirts of Oslo, where he tracked live drums, percussion, and guitar. Yet, his interest in digital experimentation also remains and the album is rife with manipulated samples, effects, and programmed synths. The final mixes were done while Ryan was visiting Lil Chief owner, Scott Mannion (Tokey Tones), in Chelva, Spain and longtime collaborator Bevan Smith (Signer) then helped with the mixing/mastering (Smith has played live in The Ruby Suns since 2009 and joined the band for an NZ tour earlier this year).

The result is an album that sounds uniquely like The Ruby Suns that fans have grown to love over the last decade. Check out the links below to hear/read more!


Listen/purchase the new album here:

Latest music video from the album:

Read more:

Ryan's interview with Impose Magazine

A Short History of The Ruby Suns

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Eversons - Weird Year

2016 really has been a weird year. To mark the passing of it the Eversons have spent the last few weeks writing, recording and making a video for their first harebrained novelty single in ages. Check out 'Weird Year' on bandcamp, soundcloud and youtube

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Eversons' Second Album 'Stuck In New Zealand' Is Out Today!

After a slight delay we are very happy to finally be releasing the Eversons second full length album "Stuck In New Zealand"

It's an eclectic mix of New Wave, 60s pop, and rock 'n’ roll with in your face psychedelic production

Available now on LP, CD and all your favourite digital services...

iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, Spotify and Bandcamp

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Eversons - Good At Making Enemies Video Release

Today we are proud to release the new band-directed video for new single 'Good At Making Enemies'. 

Head over to Under The Radar for the Q&A on the video.

The album arrives November 18th. Pre-order your copy now

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Eversons - Good At Making Enemies Single Release

Today the Eversons release their new single, "Good at Making Enemies" on all digital services. It comes with two B-Sides: a Japanese language version of "Good at Making Enemies" and a rock n' roll number called "Sell It To Me" that would make Mick's lips quiver. The song, recorded and mixed from the band's own living room, is a '90s indie rock shredder about having the kind of personality some people just love to hate.

The single is from the forthcoming album, Stuck in New Zealand, coming to you this November 18th.

Here's some link options for grabbing the single!


And pre-ordering the album


Princess Chelsea's Covers Album 'Aftertouch' is out today!

Princess Chelsea has dropped an album of covers today 'Aftertouch'..

Chelsea uses covers as a way to explore arrangement ideas in-between albums and 'Aftertouch' is a collection of covers recorded between 2010-2016.

1. Next Exit                (Interpol) recorded 2016
2. Come As you Are   (Nirvana) recorded 2013
3. Can’t Help Falling In Love    (Elvis Presley) recorded 2015
4. Morning Sun           (Marianne Faithfull) recorded 2016
5. Side of The Road    (Lucinda Williams) recorded 2016
6. And I Love Her       (The Beatles) recorded 2010
7. Aftertouch               (Disasteradio) recorded 2016
8. Cold Glass Tube      (Reduction Agents) recorded 2016
9. After The Moment   (Craft Spells) recorded 2011

'Aftertouch' is available digitally everywhere you'd expect, on CD and is being pressed on a limited run of 300 red vinyl, these will be hand numbered and Lil' Chief advises pre-ordering now if you'd like to secure a copy. If you  hate Princess Chelsea's music and her general face perhaps you can buy one anyway and just sell it later on Discogs for $2000 lol.
Stream in on soundcloud why dont ya

The magnificent cover image was created by Luke Rowell aka 'Disasteradio' who's unreleased song Aftertouch is an album highlight.

Check out the video for PC's cover of an early Marianne Faithfull single 'Morning Sun'