Monday, August 1, 2016

The Reduction Agents - Reissue & Tribute Out Now

The Reduction Agents reissue - The Dance Reduction Agents - which was first released 10 years ago, is out today (LP/CD/Digital).  The Reduction Agents was the project of James Milne (Lawrence Arabia), Ryan McPhun (the Ruby Suns), Ben Eldridge and Jol Mulholland and was released on the same day as the first self-titled 'Lawrence Arabia' album.

The Reduction Agents music offset Milne's melodically beautiful songwriting (which would go on to make him a household name) with primal early 20-something machoism, drunken raucous energy and a smatter of "melodic screaming".

While The Reduction Agents were only active for a few years - their energetic live shows left an imprint in many a young musicians heart - so alongside the official reissue we are pleased to also announce a tribute album 'Waiting For Your Love' - with song for song covers by New Zealand artists including Liam Finn, Tiny Ruins, Princess Chelsea, The Ruby Suns and Samuel Flynn Scott (digital only + free). Full tracklisting:

Waiting For Your Love: A Tribute To The Reduction Agents

01 Princess Chelsea - Cold Glass Tube
02 The Eversons - 80s Celebration
03 The Beths - Mississippi Moonshine Girls
04 Jonathan Bree - Last Night's Love
05 indi - Freeways
06 Salad Boys - Urban Yard
07 Instant Fantasy - Sweet Ingredients
08 The Ruby Suns - Our Jukebox Run Is Over
09 Samuel Scott & Holly Beals - The Pool
10 Liam Finn - Waiting For Your Love
11 Scott Mannion - Couldn't Anymore
12 Tiny Ruins - Cabinets And Mountaintops

Some of the places you can find the album and tribute:

The Dance Reduction Agents (2016)
Lil' Chief webstore (LP/CD)
Lil' Chief Bandcamp (LP/CD/Digital)

Waiting For Your Love: A Tribute To The Reduction Agents

The Reduction Agents - Reissue & Tribute

In 2006 we released the Reduction Agents first and only album "The Dance Reduction Agents". It was special for many reasons, but mostly it was James Milne's (aka Lawrence Arabia's) first venture as a singer songwriter and the band were one of the most compelling live bands in Auckland at the time.

After 10 years we decided to give the stereo masters a bit of a remaster with the help of Edmund Cake and reissue it again (and on vinyl for the first time!)

We also asked fellow label mates and muso friends if they'd like to record a cover for some sort of tribute. The response was overwhelming so we actually put together a full album length tribute.

The reissue of "The Dance Reduction Agents" and its tribute album "Waiting For Your Love" will be released on the 12th of August.

To kick things off here is the first offering from the tribute album. A complete reimagining of "Our Jukebox Run Is Over" by The Ruby Suns. Fun fact, Ryan McPhun was also the drummer for the Reduction Agents.

We are also going to throw a release party at Golden Dawn on the 18th to celebrate.

Pre orders are available for the vinyl etc below

Lil' Chief Web Store

Lil' Chief Bandcamp