Saturday, December 16, 2017

Scott Mannion releases new single 'Not Exactly Deep'

Following on from the popular "Your Kinda Love", Lil' Chief Records presents "Not Exactly Deep" - the second single from Scott Mannion of the Tokey Tones forthcoming solo album "Loving Echoes".

You can listen to Not Exactly Deep on Spotify , Apple Music, Google Play, Bandcamp and a lot of other places.

Written while Scott was living in Wales it was later recorded and produced by Scott and Ryan McPhun (of the Ruby Suns) over the course of 2 years between Auckland, Norway and Spain.

The video for Not Exactly Deep is shot on Super 8 and directed by Rosalía Hernández of The Urban Spaceman Productions. It was filmed in and around Chelva, a medieval Spanish mountain town where Scott now lives, and it features some mysterious characters decked out in costumes (made by Emily Zuch) chilling out near a 2,000 year old aqueduct.

Like 'Your Kinda Love', 'Not Exactly Deep' is a beautiful pop song, but it's strange fragmented production reminds me of a Beach Boys weird album track crossed with some of that BBC Radiophonic Workshop stuff, aka very cool.