Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Eversons - Loser

The Eversons have decided to release a music video for the song Loser from their first EP. It’s full of archival footage from their days of shredding and skateboarding in their beautiful hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.

Loser is a ‘90s slacker rock song from The Eversons EP and its video was slated for release in 2011 until tragedy struck- the sole hard drive containing the footage was damaged beyond repair... until now. While packing for London, the boys found a back-up hard drive further down the back of the couch than any of them had ever been and on arrival set to work cutting a bigger, better version of the lost video.

The new video for Loser is released along with its b-side ‘Fingerpops’, a cover of a song by classic ‘90s Flying Nun band Garageland.

Their second album ‘Stuck in New Zealand’ will be released mid 2016.