Monday, August 3, 2015

The Eversons are Headin' Overseas - Japanese EP & Farewell Show

The Eversons have a whole bunch of news to share with you.

They just got back from a tour of Japan, their first overseas tour. With their first album available on a kool indie label over there they discovered they actually have a pretty good following in Japan.  For some often outrageous tour pictures head over to their Facebook page.

As part of the tour the Eversons released a Japanese-language EP by their alter ego, a fictional cartoon band called 'The Emilys'. You can download the EP for free / pay what you like over at bandcamp or soundcloud

Check out some of the very cool animated video clips from the ep - all in Japanese.

Incidentally - I'm Just A Ghost is a cover of california bedroom / garage musician and artist Joe Astle known as Boa Constrictors - his albums are all available for free and are worth checking out if you like the sound of a Daniel Johnston Beach Boys Pixies hybrid. 

And finally, the Eversons have announced that they're moving to London. They head off in about a week, so go and farewell them at their last New Zealand show this Friday at Portland Public House - also playing will be Lil' Chief band Voom!