Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost Souls Unite the Gladeyes are going to Make You Feel Alright

Way back in 2003, we had our first show. We didn't play our instruments live, we just pretended and lip-synched along to backing tracks of our songs. We were very nervous and we projected black and white slides of our favourite stars behind us while we played, we figured if all else failed at least they would make us look good. Anyways, we spent a long time making posters for the show and this is a music video of us putting them up which we made with help from Tahi Moore - our friend and cinematographer extraordinaire. Here it is........

The Gladeyes Go Downtown from the gladeyes on Vimeo.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rolling Stone blog says hello to Princess Chelsea

It's funny how blogs are symbiotic, and how they feed into each other and create endless feedback loops. We've only been blogging here for a short while and already it's happening with the stuff we're posting. Princess Chelsea posted up a blog showing off a cover she'd just finished, 'Your Woman' by White Town. The good people over at Einstein Music Journal blogged up a post about it, and linked back to our blog. And then The Rolling Stone blog posted about Princess Chelsea's cover and linked back to Einstein Music Journal.

We have The Rolling Stone linking to Einstein Music Journal linking to us. So it seems only fair that we put up a link to The Rolling Stone post, thus completing the feedback loop. May information forever flow in circles.

And congratulations to Chelsea! The cover's great, and here it is again:

Princess Chelsea - Your Woman (Whitetown Cover)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Princess Chelsea Covers Whitetown

In March 1997 Whitetown (Jyoti Mishra) released the single 'Your Woman' and it became a huge hit worldwide. Even though at the time I was busy with my studies at Northcross Intermediate - creating "Enquiries" (How Plants Reproduce, The Bronchiosaurus) I remember the song capturing my interest from the moment I heard it on 91.0 fm.

Part of what made the song intriguing for so many, was it's lyrical content - and the possible meanings behind it. Having a rather androgenous voice - people at first couldn't figure out whether the vocalist was a man or a woman and upon establishing that Jyoti was a dude - what did he mean by 'I could never be your woman'. Is he gay? Is he singing to his boyfriend? Is he singing to his gay boyfriend who met a really attractive women with a great personality and turned straight? Is he pulling a Fugazi and singing as if he were a woman? Possibly to a gay man? Or to a straight man who just doesn't like her that much? Or is he a dude who's girlfriend wants him to be a woman? Or is there no real answer and the song is meant to be confusing to reinforce the idea of gender confusion? Or am I just trying to sound really intelligent like I go to university and study psychology and take pottery classes in my spare time and I'm really open minded and also a feminist and people describe me as alternative.

Whatever trevor, its a great song so I did a cover of it.

I decided to take a slightly creepy angle on the song, creating an infusion of Dr Dre and an eight year old, perhaps singing to Bill Wyman.

Please find below an mp3 for your enjoyment and a link to the original - a true 90s masterpiece.

Princess Chelsea - Your Woman (Whitetown Cover)