Friday, June 21, 2013

Jonathan Bree releases solo album today!

The Primrose Path is Jonathan Bree╩╝s first solo album since a career with The Brunettes that saw the band release 4 albums and 4 EPs.

It is a dark and personal album that seems to examine the insecurities associated with feeling crap, irrelevant (Boxes) and over 30, often centered around the waning magic of a long term relationship (Bored At A Mall, Seven, Crippled Darling, The Primrose Path).

Like the Brunettes albums preceding it this one is written recorded and produced by Bree and is an orchestral pop album at its core.

Whereas The Brunettes would often hide adult themes behind pop culture references and double entendres, The Primrose Path is very lyrically direct and at times uncomfortably honest.

The Primrose Path is available now on vinyl, CD and name your price digital!

The Primrose Path:

01 Booty Call
02 Beat Your Head
03 Bored At A Mall
04 Seven
05 Fixed Or Floating
06 Duckie's Lament
07 The Primrose Path0

08 Crippled Darling
09 Laptop
10 Boxes

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jonathan Bree Casually Drops First Single

Jonathan Bree has dropped his first single 'The Primrose Path'. 
The song is set on K Rd in Auckland, NZ and is about some violent sociopath trying to act like an ok guy. 

The single 'Primrose Path' is from an upcoming album also titled "The Primrose Path".  

The album will be released digitally, on cd and on vinyl in New Zealand on June 21st and in France on June 17th and should look something like this:

The Primrose Path will be Jonathan Bree’s first solo album since a career with The Brunettes that has spanned over 10 years and seen the band release 4 albums and 4 eps. 
An orchestral pop album at its core, complex and layered arrangements sit over sick beats which envelop lyrics about getting old and feeling crap and over 30. 

The Primrose Path single is available for free or pay what you like here and includes another album track 'Booty Call'.

If you'd like to pre-order a copy of the album you can do that here.

Recommended for fans of The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg & A-ha.