Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sheep, Dog & Wolf Releases New Music Video For Glare!

Sheep, Dog & Wolf has released a new music video for 'Glare'.

'Glare' is shot on film and is made by the talented folks at Candlelit Pictures who recently gained a Vimeo staff pick for their music video for Randa's Frankenstein in 2013.

For this music video the crew and Daniel flew to the Australian outback and spent 10 days in the desert waiting for the sun to appear in exactly the right place.

Not since the heady cocaine-fuelled days of Cold Chisel has Australia seen so many nose-bleeds in the desert.

The location for the shoot was 12 hours north of Adelaide in a place called 'The Moon Plains' which millions of years ago used to be the ocean floor.

According to the crew no computer-generated imagery was used in the video - the sun looks that large on your screen because Daniel was shot running on a giant 2400mm lens.

Sheep Dog & Wolf's album Egospect is a finalist in this years Taite Awards - alongside fellow Lil' Chief head honcho Jonathan Bree  - making 2 out of the 8 finalists Lil' Chief artists - that's precisely 1/4, or 4/16ths of the nominations.  


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