Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rolling Stone blog says hello to Princess Chelsea

It's funny how blogs are symbiotic, and how they feed into each other and create endless feedback loops. We've only been blogging here for a short while and already it's happening with the stuff we're posting. Princess Chelsea posted up a blog showing off a cover she'd just finished, 'Your Woman' by White Town. The good people over at Einstein Music Journal blogged up a post about it, and linked back to our blog. And then The Rolling Stone blog posted about Princess Chelsea's cover and linked back to Einstein Music Journal.

We have The Rolling Stone linking to Einstein Music Journal linking to us. So it seems only fair that we put up a link to The Rolling Stone post, thus completing the feedback loop. May information forever flow in circles.

And congratulations to Chelsea! The cover's great, and here it is again:

Princess Chelsea - Your Woman (Whitetown Cover)


  1. Like the Rolling Stones...there are no others. They won the entire world with their songs and style and have a history of decades. Congrats!

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  10. Princess Chelsea, a New Zealand musician and songwriter, is known for her eclectic and whimsical music style, blending indie pop, baroque pop, and electronica. Her debut album, "Lil' Golden Book," released in 2011, featured catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Her sophomore album, "The Great Cybernetic Depression," showcased her ability to blend electronic and classical influences. Her music explores themes of love, loss, and modern life, with hauntingly beautiful vocals. She has collaborated with other artists and continues to challenge musical conventions.Charlottesville Virginia Abogados de Lesiones Personales

  11. The interconnected world of music blogs is truly fascinating, and Princess Chelsea's cover is a delightful addition to the mix. Kudos to her, and let the musical circles keep spinning Registro Violencia Doméstica Nueva Jersey

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