Monday, November 2, 2009

'Red Rollerskates' - A Short Film

Breaking News - Jonathan Bree has decided to quit his illustrious career as a moderately successful indie pop artist in order to become a moderately successful indie film-maker.

This decision had been brewing in his mind since the 2009 Grammy's when he was infact not awarded / nominated for the category of BEST POP PERFORMANCE, MALE - the title instead awarded to John Mayer, for his 3 minute gem "Say".

This decision was also influenced by the success of his cinematic stand-out clip for 'Monkey Eats Bananas' by genius babe songstress Princess Chelsea. His clip went on to impress the Auckland City Council so much that they immediately demanded the song be used as a tourist trap / theme song for the city. It's effects have been noteable, with a large increase in immigrants and tourists in recent months, particularly from Samoa.

Below is his second offering - a short film made in New York earlier this year. Obviously the fact that Jonathan Bree managed to purchase a plane ticket, boarded a plane - and then actually LANDED in the city of NEW YORK, NYC / generally chilled out there for a while is a clear indication that he is very talented and clever and is a very big deal - not only in New Zealand but on a worldwide scale.

His short film, simply titled 'Red Rollerskates' tells the sensual tale of a young man in love with a mannequin (played by Heather Mansfield) who's crack cocaine / popsicle addiction threatens to tear them apart.

While seemingly a simple love story, the short film also has many hidden and double meanings involving world politics - most notably free trade and the Afghanistan war.

Critics have called it 'genius' and '3 minutes long'. It has otherwise been described as 'a cinematic masterpiece' and 'really cool omg you guys are so cute xo'.


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  4. This decision was also influenced by the popularity of his cinematic standout clip for 'Monkey Eats Bananas' by brilliant babe singer Princess Chelsea. His video impressed the Auckland City Council so much that they immediately insisted that it be used as a tourism attraction/theme song for the city. Its impact has been noticeable, with a significant rise in recent months in immigrants and tourists, mainly from Samoa.The text is well-written, thorough, and fascinating. The analysis and findings were interesting and thought-provoking for me. The article presents an intriguing angle on the subject.