Monday, April 26, 2010



I'm starting a new 3-piece pop band and I'm looking for a band name. Everyone says my band names are terrible, so I'm trying to 'workshop' the name this time.

The only idea I've come up with so far is FOODTOWN.

Please help.


  1. Unfortunately it would appear the only posts that get any comments Ed are the ones where you insult mediocre New Zealand musicians.

  2. what an arsehole..........

  3. dandyline
    or dead-black
    hi ed its barry here from the alfalfamayo days
    can you to email me on
    so we can talk about a 3d project im working on.

    what an a ring to it

  4. What about CAPETOWN - then you could all wear capes.

  5. Pop the Bubble!
    One Two Threes
    Aye Bee Seas
    Little Red
    Workshop - Workpop?

    Foodtown's a supermarket...

    Dunno maybe they're taken

    I'm not good with band names. I reckon we would have to listen to your music to figure out what your band name could be.

  6. I can't figure out if I called myself an asshole on that first post, or whether it was actually someone else...I get lost with my drunk anonymous posting.

    If it was someone else, then: hey you cockmunching fool, I don't like you either.

  7. Will Play For Vegetables ???

  8. Hey Chelsea, I quit facebook, but I was at Foodtown tonight and I saw Brad there. He said he took you out to Foodtown on Saturday night. Lucky!

  9. h3y anonymous, he did take me there it was so amazing we hung out in the frozen goods section for a while and cooled down.

    facebook sux

  10. Hey Chelsea, your personal copy of APRAP arrived at Minnie St. You know APRAP with all it's cool info about NZ music and that.

  11. Oh and the only names I've come up are:

    Night Sex
    Star Father
    Space Beach

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  13. nz music month!!! thumbs up!!!! the feelers are doing another album or something, !!!! some dub band with like one white guy are going to LA!!!!! some band made up of members of other shitty bands are forming a super shit group and they played in LA!!!!!! there were 10 people there!!!!! god bless nz!!!!

  14. actually fuck that, god bless LA!!!!

  15. Hey Ed we're all going down to Foodtown to go get some cornsnax coz...well coz it's friday night. You what to come? We can pick you up on the way.

  16. I would have liked that - what's Foodtown like at 4:34am?

  17. Not many customers, just the crew getting funky freaky. They dance and pack shelves like they are in some 80's bollywood teen flick. Sometimes I want to join in with the song and dance but I know they'll never see me as one of the gang. I admire from the specials section at the end of each aisle.