Friday, October 29, 2010

Pikachunes! Debut album out November 22nd

Lil' Chief Records is pleased to present our very newest signing - jazz student turned bedroom producer Pikachunes. Former Tiger Tones member Miles McDougall has been spending some serious one-on-one time with his laptop and a drum machine, and has emerged with a compelling blend of atypical disco beats, grooving synth lines and a strong pop sensibility. Pikachunes' self-titled debut album is out on Lil' Chief in just a few weeks, and to celebrate the occasion Miles will be bringing his one man synth pop party to venues around New Zealand (accompanied by our own Princess Chelsea). In the meantime, head over to the "Listen" section of our (shiny and new) website to stream the album in its entirety, or place a pre-order here. For the super greediest fans, there's even a free download of the first single from the album, "Nervous".

Pikachunes self-titled debut album out November 22nd on Lil' Chief Records

Friday 26th November - GBM. - Christchurch,
Saturday 27th November - Mighty Mighty.- Wellington,
Friday 10th December - Cassette #9 - Auckland