Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming Releases + a Freebie

At Lil Chief Records, it never rains but it pours. Over the next few months we will be putting out four new releases - three of them by new artists!

First up, we have The Eversons - a new group from Wellington, who produce witty, punchy guitar-based pop tunes. This is the new project of Mark Turner (Little Pictures), though now he's traded in his roland sample pad for a guitar and taken his music more into the territory of The Modern Lovers and Pavement. You can get an idea of their sound today with their free-to-download cover of the Disasteradio song, “Gravy Rainbow.”
This will be followed up by The Eversons EP, released on CD and through our website as a free download on April 11th.

Only two weeks later, we have the new full-length release from The Gladeyes. Sadly the band will go on hiatus soon after this with singer/guitarist Jade Farley leaving for Stockholm, so this album and the accompanying shows will be local audience’s last chance to check them out.

On May 9th we have the release of Princess Chelsea’s debut album, Lil’ Golden Book. This is the solo project of Chelsea Nikkel (TeenWolf) and showcases her layered, multi-instrumental sound. Her music embraces both orchestral and electro elements, while remaining firmly footed in well-crafted pop melodies.

We are also overjoyed to announce the signing of Cool Rainbows, the new project by Djeisan Suskov (Trees Climbing Trees). Cool Rainbows debut album is nearly complete and due for release in June/July.


the Chief x

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