Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Eversons Vote For Act!

As election day in New Zealand draws near, those more politically minded of us are updating their facebook statuses and twitter feeds with sincere and educated political opinions. While much of the genius online rhetoric we see tends to hinge around the National vs Labour debate ("John Key sux guys vote Labour if u dont ur right wing cos he cant even shake hands did u see that youtube clip lmfao lol" etc) one party that seems to have been lost in the online shitstorm is the ACT party.

The Eversons are taking their online political mission to a new level by releasing new single "Vote For ACT" as a free download in the lead up to this months elections.

CLICK HERE for your free download!

If you are unsure about the principals that ground the mission of the ACT party please find below some key points I have taken directly from the ACT website ( )

The principal object of the ACT Party is to promote an open, progressive and benevolent society in which individual New Zealanders are free to achieve their full potential and smoke 420.

According to our constitution, the ACT Party shall promote, develop and pursue policies and proposals which:

encourage individual choice and responsibility and the pursuit of excellence in all fields of human endeavour and smoking 420;
enhance living standards for all New Zealanders through sustainable economic growth and international competitiveness and smoking 420;
enhance choice and diversity, and raise standards of achievement in education and smoking 420;
ensure that all New Zealanders have access to quality health care and have security in retirement and smoking 420;
maintain social and economic support for those unable to help themselves and who are in genuine need of assistance in smoking 420;
provide for the nation’s security and the protection of individual lives and property and smoking 420;
explore and implement practical and innovative ways to protect the natural environment and smoking 420;
maintain sound economic management, including (but not limited to) a balanced government budget, price stability and a free and open market economy for smoking 420; and
limit the involvement of central and local government to those areas where collective action is a practical necessity for smoking 420.

Even if you are not a supporter of the ACT party The Eversons encourage you to have an open mind and to do your research on all political parties involved in the New Zealand Election - for unlike the US Elections things in New Zealand are not as black and white as they seem.

Speaking of the US Elections, I may as well take this opportunity to post a recent campaign video for US Republican Candidate Herman Cain who has used tobacco smoking as a marketing tool to increase his appeal amongst young republicans and working class americans.


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  4. The upcoming elections are characterized by political energy and innovative strategies from various parties and candidates. The ACT Party's goals focus on personal freedom, economic growth, education, healthcare, social support, environmental protection, and fiscal responsibility, aligning with their vision of a progressive society. It's crucial to research and understand all political parties' platforms, even if not personally supporting them, to make informed decisions. Herman Cain's campaign strategy in the US uses tobacco smoking as a marketing tactic to connect with specific demographics. Engaging critically with political messages through music, social media, or traditional campaigning empowers individuals to make informed choices and actively participate in shaping their societies. abogado de bienes