Monday, December 19, 2011

Cool Rainbows First Single!

Way back in March, we at Lil Chief Records were excitedly talking to everyone we knew about our newest signing Cool Rainbows.

Cool Rainbows is the new project of Djeisan Suskov, former frontman of Nova Echo, and Trees Climbing Trees. He also happens to be a bit of a genius in the studio. But like all studio geniuses, he does tend to get a bit obsessed with sonic noodling when it comes to his own work. This is probably why half-a-year has passed since we last mentioned his upcoming debut.

HOWEVER, the time has come and we've finally managed to squeeze a single out of him. Perfect timing to ease you all into summer with the melodically-hypnotic sound of 'Southern Summer Sun'.

"Southern Summer Sun" is the first single from Cool Rainbows first album - the upcoming Lil' Chief release "Whale Rocket" and is now available as a pay what you like download.

And while you're downloading that you may as well have a browse at the Lil' Chief online store, because we're having a Christmas sale - buy any 4 items get one free!


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