Monday, April 23, 2012

The Eversons - Summer Feeling Released Today!

Today we proudly release the debut album by The Eversons - Summer Feeling.

Like their previous EP, it's a classic pop effort that captures the pep of their live set rather than something built on prog studio trickery (wait for album number five maybe for the dubstep nu celtic fusion).

The album title “Summer Feeling” ( inspired by the Jonathan Richman song of the same name ) is very apt. In a similar manner album opener "Could It Ever Get Better" is an anthem for youth while at the same time a forewarning for the times ahead.

Ultimately this album is a party. A celebration of being a young New Zealander and all the shitty things that means.

We recommend getting along to the album release shows coming up in Auckland and Wellington and picking up a copy of their limited edition surf green vinyl!

Pictured: An Eversons scrapbook moment, post Record Store Day performance and seeing Summer Feeling on vinyl for the first time.

Auckland Album Release Friday 27 April with Cool Rainbows, Princess Chelsea, Ghost Wave, Poor Me Poor You
Whammy Bar / Wine Cellar, Entry $10

Wellington Album Release Saturday 5 May with Cool Rainbows, Wet Wings
MIghty Mighty, Entry $5

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