Friday, May 4, 2012

These Shaky Isles - a FREE Lil' Chief mixtape

Since one of our artists in particular has been getting a lot of attention lately we thought it would be a good time to introduce folks to some of our other artists, who are also quite great. So...

Today we have a music present for all of you lovely people: These Shaky Isles, a mixtape of Lil' Chief moments spanning our (almost) 10 years of trying to look like we know how to run a record label.

The sweet artwork comes from New Zealand artist and designer Baly Gaudin.

These Shaky Isles is totally FREE and you can download it here (or else listen and download at the end of this post). If you enjoy it please share it with your friends!

These Shaky Isles:

01 Pikachunes - Just a Boy
02 Princess Chelsea - Frack
03 The Eversons - Could It Ever Get Better?
04 The Ruby Suns - Haunted House
05 Voom - B Your Boy
06 Cool Rainbows - Fake Tattoos
07 The Nudie Suits - Inheriting the Stereo
08 Wet Wings - You're Not
09 The Gladeyes - Honey Pie
10 The Tokey Tones - The Observatory
11 The Brunettes - The Record Store
12 Shaft - Pacific Ocean
13 Pie Warmer - The Motorway
14 The Reduction Agents - Waiting For Your Love

May the fourth be with you.


  1. thank you so much! i love al the new zealandic music and i will listen to this mix lots of times.
    xxx a lil dutch fan

  2. AMAZING. Thank you so much! Best independent record label in NZ, hands down. Stay golden!