Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Eversons release new single and video!

Lil' Chief is excited to announce the release of a new single by The Eversons - Marriage. It is available now for free or 'name your price' on the Eversons bandcamp page.

'Marriage' is the last single from debut album 'Summer Feeling'. 

'Auckland City Song' is the non album b-side. It is a true-life story, documenting The Eversons’ recent move from New Zealand’s tiny capital Wellington, up to the bustling metropolis of Auckland City. Will they make it big in the big city? Or will they crash and burn like so many before them.

The music video was directed by Ralph Matthews. It features the Eversons playing a number of roles including tasty battered fish as well as label mate Princess Chelsea networking on her cool cellular phone.


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  2. 'Auckland City Song' is the non-album B-side. It is a true story about the Eversons' recent transfer from New Zealand's modest capital Wellington to the busy metropolis of Auckland City. Will they make it big in the city? Will they crash and burn like so many before them? I'm delighted you shared this important knowledge with us. Please keep us updated like this. Thank you for sharing. Please feel free to browse my website.

  3. The Eversons' latest release showcases their artistic evolution, blending captivating melodies with visually stunning storytelling in their new single and video. Their innovative approach and creative flair continue to captivate audiences, promising an exciting journey for fans old and new. A must-watch for music enthusiasts!

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