Friday, October 14, 2016

Princess Chelsea's Covers Album 'Aftertouch' is out today!

Princess Chelsea has dropped an album of covers today 'Aftertouch'..

Chelsea uses covers as a way to explore arrangement ideas in-between albums and 'Aftertouch' is a collection of covers recorded between 2010-2016.

1. Next Exit                (Interpol) recorded 2016
2. Come As you Are   (Nirvana) recorded 2013
3. Can’t Help Falling In Love    (Elvis Presley) recorded 2015
4. Morning Sun           (Marianne Faithfull) recorded 2016
5. Side of The Road    (Lucinda Williams) recorded 2016
6. And I Love Her       (The Beatles) recorded 2010
7. Aftertouch               (Disasteradio) recorded 2016
8. Cold Glass Tube      (Reduction Agents) recorded 2016
9. After The Moment   (Craft Spells) recorded 2011

'Aftertouch' is available digitally everywhere you'd expect, on CD and is being pressed on a limited run of 300 red vinyl, these will be hand numbered and Lil' Chief advises pre-ordering now if you'd like to secure a copy. If you  hate Princess Chelsea's music and her general face perhaps you can buy one anyway and just sell it later on Discogs for $2000 lol.
Stream in on soundcloud why dont ya

The magnificent cover image was created by Luke Rowell aka 'Disasteradio' who's unreleased song Aftertouch is an album highlight.

Check out the video for PC's cover of an early Marianne Faithfull single 'Morning Sun'


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  5. This is great news! I've been a fan of Princess Chelsea for a long time and I'm excited to hear her new covers album. I'm sure it's going to be a great listen!