Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shaft live in Auckland this Friday

Lil' Chief's own lovable indie rockers, Shaft, are playing this Friday the 17th at the MUM Christmas special at Cassette 9. Playing with them is Marconi Receiver, aka label-mate Tamasin from the Nudie Suits and Pie Warmer. Fun fun fun.

Shaft + Marconi Receiver, 17th December, Cassette 9


  1. I sent the link to your article to my friend, as she is a big fan of this group and will definitely get to their performance.

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  4. Looking for some Friday night fun? Join Lil' Chief's indie rockers, Shaft, at the MUM Christmas special this Friday, December 17th, at Cassette 9. They'll be sharing the stage with Marconi Receiver, featuring label-mate Tamasin from the Nudie Suits and Pie Warmer. It promises to be a night of fun and great music, perfect for unwinding after a busy week. For early stage investors looking to connect with the indie music scene, this event could offer networking opportunities within the creative community.