Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Brunettes contribute to The Cure compilation on American Laundromat Records

The Brunettes have contributed a track to this compilation album of The Cure covers. It's pretty cool actually, and it only came out yesterday on American Laundromat Records. Check out the cute cover:


  1. The Brunettes have made a significant contribution to the Cure compilation on American Laundromat Records, introducing a unique twist to the iconic sound of The Cure. Their cover art, which is charming and charming, adds to the overall appeal of the compilation. The Brunettes' interpretation of The Cure's music brings a fresh perspective while maintaining the essence of the original tracks. Their track adds a captivating dimension to the album, blending their style with The Cure's beloved sound. The cover art exudes charm and creativity, hinting at the artistic depth within the compilation. The Brunettes' contribution injects vibrant energy into the album, showcasing their adeptness at reimagining classic tunes. Their collaboration promises an engaging journey through familiar melodies transformed by The Brunettes' creative prowess. reckless driving virginia lawyer cost