Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ruby Suns first album

I'd never had a chance to listen to it in full until today when Lawrence (Lil Chief's lovely post-master) kindly posted me a copy. I'd listened to Sea Lion a bunch and I like it heaps, so I was looking forward to this

This first album is quite different in many ways. It doesn't have many of the world music aspects of Sea Lion, i.e. different languages and tribal-style drums. It's far more Shins-ish to my ears actually. Lots of nice big vocal harmonies too. My favourites are 'Trees Like Kids' and 'Look Out Sos!'.

It's a really warm sounding record. Although I prefer Sea Lion for it's more developed quirks, this first album is really good too. Ahh what a strange review this is. I guess it's not really a review, more a stream of consiousness on the the matter...

Here's Trees Like Kids, enjoy!

The Ruby Suns - Trees Like Kids

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