Sunday, January 11, 2009

Loopy Loopy Loopy Loopy Loopy

So I'll kick off the blog with an MP3. It's Loopy Loopy Love by The Brunettes. It's from their 2004 album Mars Loves Venus.

The Brunettes - Loopy Loopy Love

Jonathan from The Brunettes was telling me they hadn't played this song live in a long while, because they didn't really like playing it. But one day Beirut's manager casually mentioned that his favourite song was Loopy Loopy Love, and that he couldn't wait until they played it. So they figured they should re-learn it for their little tour later that year with Beirut. I'm not even sure if that story is true, I think it is. Man that story sucked, I promise the next post's story will be juicier. 

But the song's cool :) It's spanish-tastic. Sort of.

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